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Buddha vs Child Paradigm

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is like a child, who needs time to learn and adapt, whereas a typical IT system is like Buddha who knows everything about the problem it was supposed to solve.”              - Devesh Rajadhyax, Founder, Cere Labs. Images: By Purshi - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, By Shaun MItchem - Diggy starts to learn to walk, CC BY 2.0,  Let us in this post try to elaborate on this Buddha vs Child Paradigm which Devesh coined for  differentiating between conventional IT systems and AI. It is essential to know the difference because it  helps in building the right kind of attitude towards implementing AI systems. A typical IT system such as  ERP does the job for what it was implemented. It is assumed that it will solve the problem for what it was  made. Take for example an accounting system like Tally. It will help you to manage your a