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REINFORCEMENT LEARNING - Part 1 Robotics and AI- A Perfect Blend Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has made a huge advancement in their respective fields. But the blend of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have created some amazing stuff too. It doesn't seem far in future when robots can learn themselves what humans can, using Artificial Intelligence. This article is the first part of the series of three articles that would give us a peek into the future of robot learning and an introduction to Reinforcement Learning. By the end of part three an overview of creating a crawling robot that learns itself how to move in a particular direction will be given.   What is Reinforcement Learning? The world seems to be full of Reinforcement Learning (RL) examples if we observe. A dog seems to fetch a ball faster when you reward it with affection or a bone. Children are happy to do their chores if rewarded with sweets or toys. Also, when behaving irrat