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Why is it Important for Executives to know about Artificial Intelligence?

Imagine you are an IT executive in a company. As per your role, you have to offer IT solutions to problems that your company is facing, be it related to Finance, Sales, HR, Administration, etc. Maybe you are already playing this role. You have successfully implemented IT solutions to challenging problems. You are praised by your CTO, have also received various awards for successful implementations. You have been promoted in the past for this particular skill. You are living in a perfect world, where most of the problems that you are solving can be solved with programming. You are living in a non-Artificial Intelligence world. Now imagine a world, where the problems that industries are facing today are not solved by programming. Imagine your company is facing problems that look difficult to be solved by any number of lines of code, or any number of current software solutions that exist in the market. You are faced with a dilemma of not able to offer solutions to such proble