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Dynamics of Selecting your Open Source AI

The landscape of open source AI is big. To identify suitable open source tools to make your AI dream product is a herculean task. Selecting an AI toolkit for your product might turn out costly when you need to scale your software, thus it turns out to be a strategic decision. We at CereLabs have developed a criteria to choose Open Source AI Toolkit. Vision/ Reason for open source If you need to  trust an open source platform, you need to start with the vision statement with which the open source AI platform is launched. The  vision statement portrays the commitment of the company or community towards the toolkit.     Following are the visions of few of the reputed AI Open Source Platforms:       OpenCog : “OpenCog is a unique and ambitious open-source software project. Our aim is to create an open source framework for Artificial General Intelligence , intended to one day express general intelligence at the human level and beyond. That is: We're undertaking a

OpenAI and future of AI

With the advent of AI in almost every industry, right from self driving cars to robot nurses, there is a general concern as to how AI might impact humanity. Although AI offers a lot including medical industry and space exploration, it is slowly making a pathway into every technology. The presence of AI can be felt on every device including mobile phones. There is a general belief that AI is a threat to humanity. The reach of AI in every aspect of our life is inevitable. So how do we make sure that it benefits humanity as a whole? Elon Musk along with other visionaries have come together to take up the baton to help the AI community to work towards a common goal – to make AI benefit humanity. OpenAI is planning to establish itself as a leading non-profit research institution. To make its research accessible to all, OpenAI will collaborate with other institutions and researchers to make their research open source. To know more about OpenAI follow their official website whic